Recipe For The Traditional Jordanian Dish: Mansaf


Going off what I posted in my last blog I’m going to stay in the general theme of the Middle Eastern cuisine and focus on the country I’m from, Jordan. One of the things I miss the most from home is our traditional dish Mansaf, which I  finally recently found a place that makes it here in DC! If you follow this link you can see the recipe for Mansaf:

Discussion Question: What dish do you miss most from back home and have you been able to find a place that makes it here in DC?




13 thoughts on “Recipe For The Traditional Jordanian Dish: Mansaf”

  1. Thanks for sharing this really cool recipe! One of my roommates just got back from 6 months in Jordan, and really misses the food. I’ll have to make mansaf for her!

    As for myself, I’m from the US, from Georgia, and while I’m not that far from home, there are a couple of truly southern dishes that I can’t get here in DC – real, properly made sweet tea (that is, not bottled), grits (which you can buy here, but they aren’t the kind my mom makes, so it’s not the same), and my dad’s chili (which, while not Southern necessarily, is something only he can make).

  2. I’ve been loving the theme so far, stick true to you! Like most people from this school, I’m from New Jersey, so that means that I’m not too far away from home. However, there are still a few things that I miss. People from home always rave about the dinners, and honestly, I’m going to have to agree. Dinners have an interesting culture where it might not be the best food for you, but it is definitely the best comfort food around; and comfort is definitely something students desire in college. Other than that, where I live in New Jersey has a really interesting mixture of people, therefore we have a bunch of interesting types of food, such as: Salvadorian, Italian, Polish, and of course, great Sea Food since I live so close to the shore. Now that I’m thinking about all this food, I’m starting to get excited to go back in two weeks!

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