Turning Molecular Gastronomy Into a Business

In a recent article on the Globe and Mail, the author took a look at someone our age making a business out of selling ingredients needed for molecular gastronomy for you to entertain guests at a party. His website itself is pretty interesting, as he has sections where he discusses what molecular gastronomy is and how the chemicals react.

I felt this was a great tie in to the presentation a few weeks ago to demonstrate that this really is a phenomenon that is gaining popularity. It can appear amazing to people who don’t have a sophisticated understanding of chemistry, and its a good method of show, don’t tell.

The article itself focused on how he might better brand his business. In particular, how he might advertise the chemicals as being entirely safe. We know that the chemicals he works with are found in common and natural sources, but in an age where there is a fear of complicated chemicals, he is struggling to sell his products. The business experts advised plastering messages demonstrating it’s safe. Which brings about 2 different questions.

How would you highlight your ingredients as safe in the modern world we live in today?

Have you had any experiences with molecular gastronomy?



4 thoughts on “Turning Molecular Gastronomy Into a Business”

  1. I think that molecular gastronomy is a really cool way to explore new meals and food combinations. Since molecular gastronomy is not common in modern households, it can seem unsafe, as the chemicals used are unknown. The best way to combat this issue is time, as over time, molecular gastronomy will appear more and more, and eventually people will recognize it as safe and creative. To understand the chemicals used, science reports and accredited research will support molecular gastronomy in the eyes of the public.

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