Politics in the Kitchen

Since we have recently covered gluten in class, it was interesting to see it make headlines in the news, this time because presidential candidate Ted Cruz is vowing to get rid of gluten free meals in the military. He claims that gluten free meals are part of a “political correctness” campaign that the US is undergoing. Do you think that gluten free options should be available for people or that its a fad or something else entirely?


4 thoughts on “Politics in the Kitchen”

  1. Gluten-free meals are a necessity to individuals, whether it be people who have a slight intolerance to gluten, those who cut gluten out of the diet for health reasons such has nerve problems, and ultimately, those who have silica which is hereditary. I understand gluten-free is a fad for some, a believed healthier way of living, but for a lot of people, it’s not an option for them. Gluten makes people physically uncomfortable and I think specifically to say we should take gluten-free meals away from individuals that are sacrificing themselves for our country is disgraceful. We should being making military members as comfortable as possible and that includes providing gluten-free meals. To me this is a cheap shot to try and cut the military budget to “free up some money.”

  2. Gluten-free diets should absolutely be options available and affordable to anyone who needs them or requires them. I would hardly call a diet that remediates intestinal damage a fad. Although I do not adhere to this diet myself, nor would I want to, it’s necessary that it be easily available as the percentage of Americans with gluten-intolerance and celiac continues to increase.

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