The Negative Health Effects of Energy Drinks

University of the Pacific and David Grant Medical Center scientists recently conducted a study looking at the affects of energy drinks. 27 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 40 drank an energy drink or a placebo daily for every six days in a period of three weeks. Participants would measure their heart rhythm and blood pressure before and after they consumed the energy drinks. Those who drank the energy drinks had a significantly higher level of abnormal heart rhythm risk, and experienced a rise in blood pressure for two hours after the drink was consumed. This study suggests that consuming energy drinks can lead to heart and blood pressure problems, especially if they are drunk in succession or on a regular basis. It is recommended that people with any sort of heart problem avoid drinking energy drinks all together. Relatively healthy people are still advised to limit their consumption.

As college students, we often turn to caffeine when crunch time comes around, and many of us find this caffeine in energy drinks, which are readily available around campus. For those who consume energy drinks, such as Red Bull or Monster, how do you think these drinks are affecting your health? Have you already noticed any affects?

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