Rob Finley: TEDx talk

Rob Finley discusses how he plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA in unexpected places, such as in abandoned lots and along curbs. He promotes clean eating, in defiance of America’s ever-growing fast food culture. This video really goes with the presentation we had in-class on clean eating and different clean eating techniques.

Discussion question: Do you think Rob’s project of planting vegetables in these unexpected places does anything to help eliminate America’s fast-food culture?

12 thoughts on “Rob Finley: TEDx talk”

  1. I think that planting vegetables and fruits in cities to be very important. It can enhance community involvement and increase education about agriculture and food. I also believe eating food that you know where is from is important to health and sustainability.

  2. Unless there’s a series of massive changes in our country, feeding everyone on fresh ingredients is never going to be feasible. And there’s an economic reason people choose fast food. Unless we move out of a capitalist system that values money and efficiency, that’s not going to change. So I don’t think the project would help “eliminate” fast food. But it could be a welcome counterpoint or a fresh perspective, and the non-nutritional benefits listed in the above comment could be very helpful.

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