19 Easy Recipes Every College Student Should Know

I know it is hard for college students to find quick and easy recipes to do with our busy schedules that is also healthy. This link below is to a Buzzed article where there are 19 Easy Recipes Every College Student Should Know. Some involve everyday dorm appliance others require you to purchase things.



Do you think cooking healthy is reasonable in college or should we embrace the freshman 15?

14 thoughts on “19 Easy Recipes Every College Student Should Know”

  1. While these recipes would certainly be useful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle here at school, there are still ways to eat healthy on campus without cooking. I personally mostly eat at TDR or Freshii and by doing that have been able to avoid gaining weight while here. Of course, having more options like these certainly makes living a healthy lifestyle on campus easier.

  2. Cooking healthy became much easier after moving off campus where I have easier access to grocery stores and a full kitchen. It is much harder because you are limited to on campus options while living on campus.

  3. I feel that no one should embrace the freshman 15 like it can be avoided. As freshman here at AU we have the choice to use our meal plan to get unhealthy food all the time (Bene, Elevation Burger) or go to other places on campus that has healthy food like TDR, Global Fresh, or Freshii. Also, once you move off campus and do your own grocery shopping I feel it’s even easier to follow a healthy diet.

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