Diet of Excess Sugar and Starch Linked to Lung Cancer By Luke Gass

Since sugars and starches have been one of the primary nutrients we have been discussing in class (as well as present in all of the foods we have cooked in our lab) I thought this article would be an appropriate topic for discussion.  Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston discovered that individuals who consumed foods with high glycemic index were as much as 50 percent more likely to develop lung cancer, which is the number 1 cancer killer in the United States.  To avoid these risks, experts recommend merely sticking to a diet containing foods that help you maintain a healthy body weight, with more vegetables and plant-based foods and less sugary foods and red meat.


Discussion Question: Do you believe any parts of your diet put you at risk?  How so?

7 thoughts on “Diet of Excess Sugar and Starch Linked to Lung Cancer By Luke Gass”

  1. I try to maintain a balanced diet but I have a sweet tooth for sure and therefore find myself indulging in the nightly snack. Obviously I also want to maintain good health and so this article is definitely persuasive to avoid sugar more. This article also opened my eyes to the fact that more things can cause lung cancer besides just smoking.

  2. Although I may currently feel rather impervious to whatever I eat, due to an insanely fast metabolism, I can recognize that my current diet may cause future health problems. I eat meat in at least one meal every day. Growing up, it has just always been a staple. A lot of it is beef. I’m a sucker for a good steak or burger. And although I can get away with it now, it’s hard to ignore all the research that links red beef to heart disease. If I keep up my current diet, I wouldn’t be surprised if I encountered some heart problems down the road.

  3. It is very interesting how we keep learning that different things we use on our daily diets are dangerous. I guess we have to limit everything.

  4. I really like the types of articles written in plain text so that everyone can understand it and people can understand what message the author wants to convey. Your style is unique but easy to understand what you want to say in this discussion.

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