Molecular Gastronomy Recipe: Disappearing Transparent Ravioli

This recipe is really amazing. We’ve been talking a lot of molecular gastronomy lately and we just started discussing phases. This ravioli is transparent because of a dissolving film that holds it together (a dissolving solid filled with liquid/solid). It can be filled with anything the chef pleases and the film dissolves once it is consumed. This allows a burst of flavor for the diner.

Disappearing Transparent Ravioli

The ingredients used are some we are familiar with in the lab, like potato starch and soy lecithin. I have to say that the molecular gastronomy recipes are really creative, especially this one. I would have never though to make ravioli transparent, but some one did and they were actually able to succeed. I would love to try and make this, but it requires a molecular gastronomy cooking kit that is a little pricy.


What kind of food would you make with molecular gastronomy?

3 thoughts on “Molecular Gastronomy Recipe: Disappearing Transparent Ravioli”

  1. It’s always interesting to read about the new inventions of the molecular gastronomy. Anyways, I am not a huge fan of it as you can easily lose the idea of what you are actually eating. This is called a ravioli even though it has a neutral taste and has nothing to do with the pasta that we know.

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