The Soufflé – A Culinary Challenge or Tonight’s Dinner?

It's Souffle-Making Time

The soufflé has a reputation of being devilishly difficult. But is that reputation well-earned? In reality, the basic recipe for a soufflé is very straight forward and can be modified to include whatever you want, sweet or savory.  Here‘s a recipe that lays out the basic steps and suggests modifications.  I made it last week, and it was super easy.

Why do you think soufflés have a reputation of such difficulty? Can you identify certain reactions or chemical processes that we’ve talked about in class in this recipe?

4 thoughts on “The Soufflé – A Culinary Challenge or Tonight’s Dinner?”

  1. From what I’ve looked up, people find soufflés hard to make because any slight mistake causes a significant imperfection in the final result, like flatness, stiffness or .

    Some reactions or chemical processes I saw in the recipe were the rising of the béchamel when heated and the absorption of the milk into the flour causing it to thicken.

  2. A soufflé is so hard because there are so many things that could go wrong. In addition, the soufflé needs to both rise and fall. Some reactions I encountered were during the process of beating the egg whites–the air bubbles formed get a layer of protein around them. However, the layer cant for if there is any fat, meaning there can’t be any egg yolk in the mixture, so, if that goes wrong, then its all downhill from there.

  3. Souffles are so tricky because it all depends on the texture, and there’s such specific ways to make what you want in terms of mixing and folding in the eggs. I feel like when a souffle goes wrong, you know, because it’s clear that something’s off. I think the beaten egg whites are a colloidal emulsion, which is probably part of the reason the souffles are so fragile.

  4. A souffle is difficult because of all the chemical reactions going on, it is a much more challenging process than anything we do in class because if you mess up it shows very clearly.

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