Molecular Mixology: Drinks You Can Eat

Going off of the presentations about food biotechnology and molecular gastronomy, this video shows how a mixologist uses molecular gastronomy to make drink-flavored foods. One of his creations, a White Russian breakfast cereal’s flavor is made by infusion through dehydration.

Discussion question: What other forms of molecular gastronomy have you recently encountered, if any, in your diet?

One thought on “Molecular Mixology: Drinks You Can Eat”

  1. I think it’s really creative and amazing that it’s possible to make such innovative foods/drinks. Molecular gastronomy has taken a giant leap forward in past years and is delivering astounding ways to consume a variety of products in phases that they normally do not come in. The future of food is on a bright horizon, with many different possibilities and prospects for making food more accessible and easy. For these drinks made into edibles, we see a new way to enjoy cocktails and a great way to monitor how much alcohol we consume. It seems to me it would be much easier to maintain a buzz without getting intoxicated quickly by eating these creations, as they are much more countable during a night of bar hopping.

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