Tempered Chocolate

Hi everyone!

This week I found an article that discusses the importance of tempered chocolate and how to do it! It also talks about the differences in cocoa butter content and what qualifies as couverture chocolate. If you’re into making fancy sweets – this post is for you!


2 thoughts on “Tempered Chocolate”

  1. I was super interested in the article! When we did the tempering chocolate lab, I was really into it (and not just because it involved chocolate)! Sadly, my beaker broke during the experiment, so I was unable to fully see it all the way through. However, I really loved learning about how chocolate is made; even though the entire process is very difficult, if one has the correct ingredients it actually isn’t too bad! I’m not sure if I’ll be doing this in the future, but if I do, which I now can, I know have the knowledge to!

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