How to cook the perfect steak

Now that the weather is getting nicer, we can all look forward to summer bonfires and cookouts. Make sure to watch this video by Gordon Ramsey teaching us how to cook the perfect steak on a pan.

What chemical reaction is happening on the surface of the steak?

10 thoughts on “How to cook the perfect steak”

  1. The chemical reaction happening on the surface of the steak is browning due to the maillard reaction. This is an interesting way of making steak especially when he adds things as it is cooking on the pan, I’ve never seen or done that before.

  2. Steaks must be prepared in a large pan – if a pan isn’t huge sufficient for all your steaks, don’t be attracted to squash them in nevertheless. Cook them melbourne assignment help australia one or two at a stage and authority them to break as you cook the break of your group, or chef a much heavier steak and slice it and boundary the slices to help.

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