Banana Pancakes

As a college student, I try to be as resourceful as possible, especially in the kitchen. I try to go grocery shopping every two weeks, and so by the end of that two-week period, most of my fresh food has either been used or is about to go bad. I also love eating bananas, but I like to eat bananas at their prime ripeness, before they turn brown. In order to avoid throwing away two bananas, I decided to do a quick search and found an extremely easy recipe for banana pancakes. The ingredients: bananas and eggs, that’s it. Because the bananas were ripe this recipe was super easy, all I had to do was mash up the bananas and mix in two eggs. With that batter I fried the pancakes as if they were traditional pancakes and voila, I had a new take on a traditional breakfast.

Discussion question: Has anyone ever tried this recipe? Has anyone ever used banana as a substitute in any other recipes?

4 thoughts on “Banana Pancakes”

  1. I’ve seen this recipe before and I really want to try it! It looks great! I normally eat bananas with dulce de leche, its a type of caramel. I have never seen bananas use this way before, but its very creative and different. I hope to try it soon!

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  4. Bananas are healthy in many ways. A banana is a source of potassium for a college student. Though it contains many calories and should be eaten before physical training, it’s a great source for brain activity before exams.

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