Crock Pots

As a busy student, and soon to be young professional, I am trying to find a fool proof way to cook meals for myself that will not break the bank, but can also be done in minimal time. I have been looking into crock pots lately in order to do the job. With all of our discussions of high heat I have been wondering if crockpots would eliminate some of the nutrients in the food. Involving the amino acid lysine, research shows that 20% of it is cooked out of peanuts within a half hour and after 21/2 hours 40% is cooked out. Another thing I found was that although nutrients may be cooked out of the food, it remains in the surrounding liquid as the crock pot is a covered pot.

Discussion question: Have you ever used a crock pot before, and would you recommend?

3 thoughts on “Crock Pots”

  1. I don’t currently own a crock pot, although like you I’m looking to cook more. I used to use my parent’s crock pot at home sometimes, and I would recommend it, simply because it can be really helpful to make larger portions of a dish and eat it throughout the week. I don’t know much about the health benefits though.

  2. I have never cooked with a crock pot have have eaten meals that were cooked in them. It is interesting to learn that it cooks the nutrients out of the food which just makes cooking nutritious food more difficult.

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