Fresh Fruit Can Lower Risk of Heart Attack

A recent study of 500,00 Chinese adults confirms benefits of eating fruit. China is a place were fresh fruit consumption is much lower than in countries like the U.S. This study showed that higher fruit consumption was strongly associated with many other factor, such as education, lower blood pressure, and lower blood glucose. In china, a lot of people still do not eat enough fresh fruit and that is one of the leading causes of premature death in China. Have you ever though about how much of an effect fresh fruits and vegetables can have on your health?

6 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit Can Lower Risk of Heart Attack”

  1. Very interesting! I find it very cool that they did the study in China, where as you said, fruit consumption is not very popular. I do think it is very important to include fruits into our diet.

  2. Does the “fresh fruit” connected to unprocessed fruit? I know that some vitamins can lose its values when heated or processed so that may be one actor for this research result.

  3. I’m sure there are poor parents who are thinking of solutions for their school age children also. They may not have a lot of money but that does not mean they aren’t innovative and able to provide an alternative to in school sessions.

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