Useful Donations to Food Banks

I came across this brief article about donating to food banks. It has a fun title:

Hey, Idiot, Food Banks Don’t Want Your Canned Alligator and Old Vitamins


But it touches on a serious issue. Apparently, unwanted donations are a problem for food banks, costing one, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, $40,000 a year.

Donating to food banks was a common idea for fundraisers and charity when I was growing up, and I hope I’ve only ever donated useful items, but this article made me think a bit about how we talk about food banks. Do you know anyone who uses them just to get rid of old food? Do you think we advertise and discuss food banks and their purpose correctly?

5 thoughts on “Useful Donations to Food Banks”

  1. I found this article pretty interesting because I have heard that can/ food drives have to throw out a lot of donations they receive because they cannot use them.

  2. This article was very intresting. Though it is amusing to find odd and old food, there are people in need that wont find it funny. The best way to preven this problem is with education and having strict limitations in what food is aloud in shelters and food banks.

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