2 thoughts on “Passover Matzo Brittle!”

  1. I usually use matzoh as a substitute for bread in the usual ways during Passover. However, I sometimes make fried matzoh (aka matzoh brie) as a breakfast treat. It is somewhat similar to French toast in that it combines butter, cinnamon, matzoh and some egg yolks to create a pretty tasty meal from bland matzoh.

  2. I love eating matzo with peanut butter or nutella. And like William said above, fried matzo is amazing! My friend and I sometimes make a matzo toffee for desert. You dip the matzo is toffee (brown sugar and butter) and let it dry and then dip the top part of the matzo in chocolate. It’s crunchy and sweet and fun to eat (especially with milk)!

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