Changing Dinners: Meal-Kits the New Microwave Dinner?

Photo from Blue Apron

A recent article in the Seattle Times investigated the rise in so called “meal-kit” companies such as Blue Apron, which deliver ingredients and instructions to your doorstep to make fancy dishes in your own home.

These meal-kit companies have gotten rave reviews from places such as the New York Times, and many millennials see this as an opportunity to hone their  cooking skills.

Do you appreciate this way of empowering people to cook their own food as a divergence from the rise of ready-made meals and frozen foods? Or do you think that these kits are made for suckers who aren’t willing to go to a grocery store themselves.


2 thoughts on “Changing Dinners: Meal-Kits the New Microwave Dinner?”

  1. I think it is a very interesting concept. I am not for the meals already made and that you put in microwave because I don’t think they are healthy at all. I prefer cooking myself, so I think this is a smart idea because you don’t have to go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients since it is being deliver at your place, but you are still able to cook it yourself at home.

  2. This is something very different. Pre-cooked meals. I like the concept and it sure makes life a hell of a lot easier. Nevertheless their more unhealthy than the actually dish if it was created the traditionally

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