How Bad is Fruit Juice?

I have been given the impression that even 100 percent fruit juice is just as bad as drinking soda. It is from the high amount of sugar which leads to hypertension, weight gain, and other health problems. This article talks about the possible help benefits the 100 percent fruit juice can have from fiber to other bio-active components. How bad do you think fruit juice is?

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6 thoughts on “How Bad is Fruit Juice?”

  1. I almost do not want to acknowledge this as truth but unfortunately it is the case. However, I have learned that because the sugars are less processed in the juice, your body can break them down into energy more efficiently than the typical sugar found in sodas.

  2. Like all things in the world, moderation is key. However, I was surprised to see Apple Juice was so bad for you… when I was growing up the schools and grocery stores always advertised it as a healthy drink.

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  6. I almost do not need to renowned this as truth but unfortunately it’s far the case. However, I have discovered that due to the fact the sugars are much less processed in the juice, your frame can destroy them down into energy more efficiently than the everyday sugar discovered in sodas.

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