Can Bananas Prevent Blindness?

In a recent article i read, I came across an interesting one about bananas and how they can help your vision.  Carotenoids, which are found in bananas produce important vitamins that can help with your eye sight.  Scientists are currently looking for a way to increase these types of characteristics in different types of fruits in order to receive more of these benefits.  This would give fruit enhanced health benefits.


3 thoughts on “Can Bananas Prevent Blindness?”

  1. My mom alway told me bananas produce necessary vitamins that can help with your eyesight. Now I know why I love bananas so much. thanks for sharing!

  2. I always heard about this with carrots, but not bananas! Sounds like an interesting way to combat blindness in Southeast Asia and Africa. I never knew blindness was such an epidemic in these regions.

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