Alternatives to Gluten

A few years back, I was basically diagnosed with, what we thought at the time was, celiac disease. Ultimately, it wasn’t what I actually had; however, I spent a year trying different diets, many of them being gluten free. One of the things that I actually most enjoyed from this diet was the desserts. When most people thing of gluten free or vegan desserts, they usually will immediately reject the idea. Although, I had no choice. So I found a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe I had made once that uses alternatives to gluten like rice flour. And even though I can now eat gluten, sometimes it’s still tasty to have a gluten free snack every now and then.
Would you ever try something that’s gluten free? If so which ingredients would you use?
Gluten free cookie recipe

16 thoughts on “Alternatives to Gluten”

  1. I would be open to trying something that is gluten free, however having celiac is quite rare, and gluten-free foods have seem to be come more of a fad than a necessity.

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