In light of finals week being upon us, I decided to do a quick post about caffeine and the effects on the body. I believe that everyone should know what’s going into their body and how it’s effecting them. That’s why I definitely believe this article is important, because it not only informs the readers of the good effects but also of the bad ones too. Now, if you pair this with sugar you can see how much it really can effect your body and get you going.
With all of this in mind, what is your favorite type of coffee to order?
17 Coffee Facts

22 thoughts on “Coffee!”

  1. I think this is a good post. I and many of my peers consume a fair amount of coffee, but I believe that very few are aware of the real consequences, especially withdrawal.

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    1. Does coffee stunt growth? One thing is self-evident, caffeine drinks are for grown-ups. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that coffee will stunt kids’ growth. A similar question is whether coffee stunts puberty and the answer is pretty similar- coffee is not likely to stunt pubertal changes, just as it probably won’t stunt your growth if you are a kid.

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  5. Does coffee stunt increase? One thing is self-evident, caffeine liquids are for grown-ups. But that doesn’t always mean that espresso will stunt kids’ growth. A similar query is whether espresso stunts puberty and the solution is quite similar- espresso isn’t always probably to stunt pubertal changes, just as it probable won’t stunt your increase in case you are a kid.

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