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7 Easy Dinners To Make This Week

One thing I struggle with is finding healthy options to eat while at school, but one thing that I find that helps me is finding recipes that are easy to make and I can prep ahead of time. The link below has 7 recipes that college students can easily make and prep a week ahead of time.

1. Is it a realistic thing to meal plan while in college?

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Competing On “Chopped”

Since our final is a chopped lab, I thought you guys might want to know the secrets of the legit food network show that our lab is based off of. I find it quite insightful since what we see on the screen may not be what is in fact the reality.

Discussion Question:
What do you think the strengths and weaknesses are of this TV show?

Why we eat what we eat: social and economic determinants of food choice

This article is about how our social standing and economic standings effect our everyday food choices. We don’t realize how much of an impact economic standing has on our food choices and how staying healthy is harder with less money.


How has you economic standing effected the choices you make when deciding what food to eat?

19 Easy Recipes Every College Student Should Know

I know it is hard for college students to find quick and easy recipes to do with our busy schedules that is also healthy. This link below is to a Buzzed article where there are 19 Easy Recipes Every College Student Should Know. Some involve everyday dorm appliance others require you to purchase things.


Do you think cooking healthy is reasonable in college or should we embrace the freshman 15?

Sheet Pan Chicken

Here is a recipe for those college students who don’t have a lot of dishes to make dinner. This recipe has all the important nutrients and is simple. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare this recipe.


Discussion Question:

Do you think its possible for college students to cook their own food on a budget every single night or does the time commitment to shop for food and cook it make it impossible to succeed?