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In light of finals week being upon us, I decided to do a quick post about caffeine and the effects on the body. I believe that everyone should know what’s going into their body and how it’s effecting them. That’s why I definitely believe this article is important, because it not only informs the readers of the good effects but also of the bad ones too. Now, if you pair this with sugar you can see how much it really can effect your body and get you going.
With all of this in mind, what is your favorite type of coffee to order?
17 Coffee Facts

Peanut Butter Alternatives

One of the most common allergies is peanut butter, and when I was younger my doctor thought that I was actually allergic to it too. However, it turned out that he was wrong, and for an entire school year I had to suffer trying out different types of butters, although I did find a few that I did like. Peanut allergies can range from minor reactions to horrible side effects of someone’s throat swelling up. Therefore, I encourage everyone to go out there and try new things and maybe new types of butter, and here’s a link of different types of butter that exist. alternatives
Which one of these would you want to try?

Soy Allergies

So, even though I turned out not to be allergic to gluten, I did find something out that explains a lot of my allergy problems in the past. One of the weird allergies that I possess, the other being tomatoes (go figure), is to soy. This basically means that if I eat a lot of soy, I get horrible stomach aches, and sometimes even throw up. My doctor explained that I am just allergic to soy beans. So, I can eat a few, but not too many or I’ll end up with this horrible headache and stomach ache. This usually means that I can’t have soy products either. So soy sauce is a big no. However, I have finally found alternatives that can be used instead of soy, which really does help me when making a meal that includes soy sauce for some type of flavoring, and plus a lot of these alternatives are also high in protein content!
Is there anything you’re allergic to? If so what do you use for an alternative?
Soy replacers

Alternatives to Gluten

A few years back, I was basically diagnosed with, what we thought at the time was, celiac disease. Ultimately, it wasn’t what I actually had; however, I spent a year trying different diets, many of them being gluten free. One of the things that I actually most enjoyed from this diet was the desserts. When most people thing of gluten free or vegan desserts, they usually will immediately reject the idea. Although, I had no choice. So I found a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe I had made once that uses alternatives to gluten like rice flour. And even though I can now eat gluten, sometimes it’s still tasty to have a gluten free snack every now and then.
Would you ever try something that’s gluten free? If so which ingredients would you use?
Gluten free cookie recipe

Vegan Blueberry Muffins

This week I thought it would be interesting to have a healthy recipe with a fun twist. Recently I found an amazing recipe for vegan blueberry muffins, using all natural vegan ingredients. This recipe also shows us how you can substitute ingredients and still obtain a similar result, possibly even a tastier one! And on top of it being a great recipe, it’s a fun video too with many favorite’s rapper, Waka Flocka Flame (Who’s also a vegan)!
What other ingredients could you substitute in order to make similar muffins? How would that ingredient make the muffin different?
  Here’s the link

Diet Fads of 2016

One thing that people always seem to get wrapped up in is diet fads. Whether it’s being gluten free or going paleo; there always seems to be a new way of miraculously losing weight. It’s actually become almost so predictable that we are able to find out some of the new possible fads of 2016 even before they come out. This Huffington post mentions a few possible fads that could happen, and actually one that already did! They mentioned that bagels will be a new fad in 2016, and already in New York City there are rainbow bagels that are all the rage.

Discussion question: Diet fads always seem to come and go, but only a few stay; do you believe that some of these fads actually work, or are they just a quick way for certain companies or industries to make money?