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Health Benefits Of Fasting During Ramadan



Back home in Jordan, The Holy Month or Ramadan is arguably one of my favorite times of year.  What is so great about this month is that everyone is so kind to one another, people help the less fortunate on a daily basis and the best part of it for me personally is going over to all my Muslim friends houses for Iftar and enjoy all the great food they make! During Ramadan, people fast until the sun sets and can start eating once The Maghrib prayer begins and can keep eating until the sun rises and must stop once the Fajir prayer begins.

Recently, I found out that fasting during The Holy Month of Ramadan has some health benefits to it:

Discussion Question: Do you see yourself going almost an entire day without any food or water? Why or why not?


Best Foods To Eat During All Nighters


It’s almost that time of year again, finals are right around the corner! If you guys procrastinate as much as I do then you’re probably going to have  to pull a few all nighters during finals week. A key factor in making sure you stay as  awake and attentive as possible is what you eat while you’re up late studying. This article shows the best foods you can eat while pulling an all nighter :

Discussion Question: What is your go to food when pulling an all nighter and why is it your go to food?


March Madness Snack Recipes


March Madness is upon us! A lot of people have been waiting impatiently for it to begin, unless they picked Michigan State to go all the way then I’m sure they lost interest by now and are just rooting for the Cinderella story. Here is a link to recipes of healthy snacks people can make and enjoy while watching March Madness:

Discussion Question: There seems to be some kind of correlation between watching sports and eating unhealthy food, why do you think that is?

UFC Fighters Diet And Lifestyle

UFC is one of my personal favorite sports to watch. Some people might think it’s too bloody, violent or even fake. Nonetheless, I still think its very fun and exciting to watch. One thing that interests me in specific is how well the fighters maintain their bodies regardless of how much damage it takes over the course of their careers. Recently I found out that a big reason behind this is due to the diet and lifestyle that the fighters follow which helps them in prepping for fights and recovering after fights.

The following link shows some diet and lifestyle choices every successful UFC fighter should follow:

Discussion Question: Which athletes do you think follow the most effective and healthy diet and lifestyle? Why?

Recipe For The Traditional Jordanian Dish: Mansaf


Going off what I posted in my last blog I’m going to stay in the general theme of the Middle Eastern cuisine and focus on the country I’m from, Jordan. One of the things I miss the most from home is our traditional dish Mansaf, which I  finally recently found a place that makes it here in DC! If you follow this link you can see the recipe for Mansaf:

Discussion Question: What dish do you miss most from back home and have you been able to find a place that makes it here in DC?




Benefits of Middle Eastern Food


One of the things I miss most while studying abroad here in America is definitely all the delicious food I used to have back home in Jordan.  Not only was it delicious, It was also a very healthy to eat (as long as you stay away from the the white rice).  The article that I found talks about the ingredients that you find in a Middle Eastern cuisine and why these ingredients are good for your health.

Discussion Question: What other cuisines do you think also have the combination of being tasty yet healthy at the same time and why?