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9 Eating Habits that reveal Your’re a First Generation American

I greatly relate to this article as an immigrant the food at home varied compared to food at school or in my friends’ houses. As America is incredibly diverse many people view American food differently. Immigrants and children of immigrants often mix their cultures with their relationship with food. Do you find this article relatable? If yes, why, and which part do you find was the most relatable to your personal experience?

Food as Medicine Ted Talk

This TedTalk is similar to the Food as Medicine presentation we had in class.  A quote I like in this video is “Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself, take away what the body doesn’t need and it will heal itself.” I find this quote to be important as more and more people today are changing their eating habits. From what you learned in this video and in the class presentation have you or will you change your eating habits?

How to make the best cupcakes!

Tips to make the best cupcakes!

If you’re like me, a big fan of cupcakes, this article is super helpful on how to make the best kind. Ten Helpful tips on how make the best cupcakes.A lot of these tips are about how to be careful with temperature while baking.  While reading this ,I found some tips that reminded me what we learned in class. Do you have a favorite cupcake?