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Foods to Help Fight Allergies

I don’t know about you but this spring season is the worst, at least for me !

I can use all the medicine for allergies, but it just doesn’t go away. So, I thought what about food ? What kind of food will help my situation. I end up finding this article on Web md that provide readers with a list of food that may help curb allergies.

According to the article, some fruits that will help with your allergies are pineapple and kiwi. For more information, you can visit the website : Webmd

Ps: For the salmon lovers, well you will love reading this article !

Question: Do you believe that more people should use fruits as a way against allergies ?


“The Cooking Kids project”

A group of students from Danila Kumer Elementary School from Ljubljana, Slovenia demonstrated their cooking skills in the New York University lobby.

Those students were finalists of “The Cooking Kids” culinary competition that takes place every year in restaurants in Slovenia. the aim of this program is to introduce cooking skills to youngsters by emphasizing the use of healthy, local, and natural ingredients. And, more importantly have a greater impact on citizen-to-citizen interaction.


Question : Do you think that all schools should implement such competition?





Ice cream part of the top 20 GMO Foods to Avoid

I was very curious to see what are the tops  GMO foods to avoid. I used to leave in countries where GMO weren’t very an issue since everything was so fresh. Since I came to the US, I tend to forget that it is the same thing here.

So, here is the list of GMO foods to avoid for people who aren’t aware. And, yes Ice cream is in it ( not very surprising)

Does that list makes you see things differently ?

Agricultural Biotechnology

I found a very interesting article on aboutMoney. The article basically give readers 10  examples of agricultural biotechnology. The one that I found mostly captivating is the nutrient supplementation. In fact, scientists are creating genetically altered foods that contain nutrients known to help fight disease or malnourishment.

You can read more about it here :

Question : What are your opinions on nutrient supplementation ?



A new study suggest that eating high fiber during our teens years decreases the chances of getting breast cancer later in life.

In fact,  the study advance that fiber tends to lower the hormone estrogen, which drives many types of breast cancer.

According to Dr. Walter Willet, an expert on health and nutrition at Harvard’s school of public health, what we eat during our adolescence have a big impact on our health later in life. He stated, “From many other studies we know that breast tissue is particularly influenced by carcinogens and anticarcinogens during childhood and adolescence.”

Link to the article :

Question: Do you think having a  low-fiber diet can have other consequences on your health ? and would you consider changing your diet to a high-fiber diet ?