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The Chopped Recipe Challenge

This webpage has the links to different recipes based on Chopped episodes. One of my favorites is the everything bagel sushi rolls. I think this recipe is a great example of how we can be creative in our next Chopped Lab. The contrast of the everything bagel seasoning with the normalcy of the sushi ingredients makes the recipe have a new twist on a conventional dish.

Discussion question: Which recipe sounds the best to you, and how can you incorporate the techniques in this recipe in your Chopped final lab?

Classic Cheese Soufflé

This is a recipe for a soufflé, but the recipe is a cheese soufflé instead of the chocolate one we made in class. It’s extremely similar to the recipe we had to follow in class, but it has some different ingredients and end instructions.

Discussion question: After completely the soufflé lab, what would you do differently when making the cheese soufflé, and would you ever think of making this cheese soufflé in the near future?

Molecular Mixology: Drinks You Can Eat

Going off of the presentations about food biotechnology and molecular gastronomy, this video shows how a mixologist uses molecular gastronomy to make drink-flavored foods. One of his creations, a White Russian breakfast cereal’s flavor is made by infusion through dehydration.

Discussion question: What other forms of molecular gastronomy have you recently encountered, if any, in your diet?

Rob Finley: TEDx talk

Rob Finley discusses how he plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA in unexpected places, such as in abandoned lots and along curbs. He promotes clean eating, in defiance of America’s ever-growing fast food culture. This video really goes with the presentation we had in-class on clean eating and different clean eating techniques.

Discussion question: Do you think Rob’s project of planting vegetables in these unexpected places does anything to help eliminate America’s fast-food culture?

Caramelized Baked Chicken Recipe

The following recipe features chicken baked in a sweet and tangy sauce, and I chose the recipe because the caramelization is an example of one of the chemical changes we were discussing in class. The honey in the recipe is used to keep the sauce sweet, while the soy sauce makes it a little more tangy.



Discussion question: Out of all of the cooking oils, why do you think the recipe decided to go with olive oil?

Fluffy French Toast

This recipe for french toast has a different texture because it also has flour in the batter. Because of this, the coating will stick to the french toast and not to the pan. The addition of flour also makes the egg mixture more like a batter and less like a thin, custard-like substance.

One discussion question I have is: what about the chemistry of cooking makes the addition of the flour a beneficial choice for the texture of the french toast?