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Ecuador Quake Survivors Becoming Desperate for Food and Water – Manuela Mejia

This article is from NBC News. It includes a short video which I believe causes the most impact on the viewer. As most of you may know, there was an earthquake on April 16 in Ecuador (7.8-magnitude), a small country in South America. Being half Ecuadorian, this has impacted me in several ways, mainly because of the love that I have towards my country.

The source discusses the shortage of food in the nation, and how the government is struggling to distribute it well. Even though the lack of nutrients may not necessarily have to do a lot with the chemistry of food, I believe it’s important to appreciate the things we have and not take for granted the food we are given.

You can learn more about Ecuador’s ongoing chaos here:

My question for the class is: What to do you guys think about wasting food? Should the United States (and the world in general) create a program in which food is distributed well? While some people have an abundance of food, others are left unfed.



Foods to Help Fight Allergies

I don’t know about you but this spring season is the worst, at least for me !

I can use all the medicine for allergies, but it just doesn’t go away. So, I thought what about food ? What kind of food will help my situation. I end up finding this article on Web md that provide readers with a list of food that may help curb allergies.

According to the article, some fruits that will help with your allergies are pineapple and kiwi. For more information, you can visit the website : Webmd

Ps: For the salmon lovers, well you will love reading this article !

Question: Do you believe that more people should use fruits as a way against allergies ?


Researches have found a “striking” new side effect from eating fast food. – Manuela Mejia

Today I read an article from The Washington Post. It discusses how the rise of processed food that we put into our bodies has coincided with an alarming growth in the size of our collective gut. In addition, the George Washington University has done a research that links fast-food consumption to the presence of harmful chemicals. The research states that people who eat fast-food often have higher levels of phthalates. This would eventually lead to increased rates of infertility, especially among males.

You can find out more on this topic here:

Question: How many times a week do you typically eat fast food? Do you feel that it affects you in a certain way?


Chemical Experiments in Restaurants

This restaurant is experimenting with making drinks using chemical reactions and methods.  The idea for the restaurant, Zymology 21, was created from its name, “zymology” meaning the science of fermentation.  The idea grew from there to incorporate chemistry methods into the entire menu, including food.

Do you think that food and drinks created using science equipment taste better or worse? Is there an advantage to using the science equipment as opposed to regular cookware?

Having a party? Try egg white in your cocktails!!

As a bartender I can tell you that presentation is half of the battle…No one wants to eat or drink something that looks terrible. Sometimes in fancy cocktails we use an egg white powder to make a pretty froth on our cocktails!!

Click here to see how the chemistry works!

What is your favorite way to use egg white?

“The Cooking Kids project”

A group of students from Danila Kumer Elementary School from Ljubljana, Slovenia demonstrated their cooking skills in the New York University lobby.

Those students were finalists of “The Cooking Kids” culinary competition that takes place every year in restaurants in Slovenia. the aim of this program is to introduce cooking skills to youngsters by emphasizing the use of healthy, local, and natural ingredients. And, more importantly have a greater impact on citizen-to-citizen interaction.


Question : Do you think that all schools should implement such competition?