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Molecular Mixology: Drinks You Can Eat


Going off of the presentations about food biotechnology and molecular gastronomy, this video shows how a mixologist uses molecular gastronomy to make drink-flavored foods. One of his creations, a White Russian breakfast cereal’s flavor is made by infusion through dehydration.

Discussion question: What other forms of molecular gastronomy have you recently encountered, if any, in your diet?

Agricultural Biotechnology

I found a very interesting article on aboutMoney. The article basically give readers 10  examples of agricultural biotechnology. The one that I found mostly captivating is the nutrient supplementation. In fact, scientists are creating genetically altered foods that contain nutrients known to help fight disease or malnourishment.

You can read more about it here : http://biotech.about.com/od/whatisbiotechnology/tp/Agriculture.htm

Question : What are your opinions on nutrient supplementation ?