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Sweet Potato Pecan Tacos (I Used Butternut Squash Instead)!

This tasty vegan dish is very simple, but healthy as well. Yesterday, my mom and I made butternut squash pecan tacos. The recipe was for sweet potatoes, but we wanted to use butternut squash instead. The lime juice added such a delightful flavor to the bean dip as well as the overall dish. Along with these simple, yet tasty ingredients, this taco dish is extremely nourishing to one’s body. The bean dip is full of protein along with the vegetables. I would love to make this again, but with the sweet potatoes like the recipe does. Not that the butternut squash wasn’t AMAZING…I just like variety! This is a must try whether you are vegan or not.

Question: Do you think lemon juice would serve the same purpose and flavor as the lime juice?

Vegan pecan sweet potato tacos
Vegan pecan sweet potato tacos