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Molecular Gastronomy Recipe: Disappearing Transparent Ravioli

This recipe is really amazing. We’ve been talking a lot of molecular gastronomy lately and we just started discussing phases. This ravioli is transparent because of a dissolving film that holds it together (a dissolving solid filled with liquid/solid). It can be filled with anything the chef pleases and the film dissolves once it is consumed. This allows a burst of flavor for the diner.

Disappearing Transparent Ravioli

The ingredients used are some we are familiar with in the lab, like potato starch and soy lecithin. I have to say that the molecular gastronomy recipes are really creative, especially this one. I would have never though to make ravioli transparent, but some one did and they were actually able to succeed. I would love to try and make this, but it requires a molecular gastronomy cooking kit that is a little pricy.


What kind of food would you make with molecular gastronomy?

Cooking as Alchemy

This is a Ted Talk from 2011 about Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche and their Chicago restaurant, Moto. This restaurant plays with new ways to cook and eat food.  They use science to deconstruct ingredients to put a spin on meals; this has been branded “flavor-tripping.” However, the creators have a larger picture in mind; can their post-modern cuisine be used to help people who are starving? What do you think?