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Can Going Gluten-Free Help with Other Diseases as Well? By Luke Gass

With our focus on gluten this past week, I figured this would be an appropriate article to share.  Apparently, claims the article, a gluten-free diet can also reduce inflammation in the body.  The author describes how going on this diet helped relieve symptoms of her fibromyalgia.


Discussion Question: Based on reading this article, what other diseases might respond well to a gluten-free diet and for what reason?

Detox Water

Water is one of the most beneficial things that you can put into your body, if not the most important.  On average you should be drinking 1.5 liters per day.  We have all heard of various food diets that people try but one that I am hearing about is a water detox diet.  In high school, my friends parents tried a water detox diet for a week where there nutrition came from water,  cayenne pepper, real maple syrup, and lemon – all mixed together.  The health of these diets seems ok for the short term but could quickly become dangerous if the proper research does not take place.  Attached is a list of various recipes for detox water and their benefits; including fatigue and even a hangover cure.  These detoxes should be used as a supplement to eating a healthy and balanced diet!




Discussion Question: Have you ever tried a detox water recipe?  Which one on the list would you try?

The Whole 30 Diet

A friend of mine started the Whole 30 diet about a month ago. The diet eliminates grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, and alcohol, with the end goal being that after 30 days your body will be “reset”. This diet works by ‘self-diagnosing” health problems associated with those foods but also promises higher energy levels and better quality sleep. My question for the class is: Would more energy and sleep be worth it to you to cut those items out of your diet? I do not personally think I could do it.

Learn more about the diet here: