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Why Meat Shouldn’t be Your “Go To” Meal…EVER

Many people are unaware of the damage eating meat does to one’s body and health. This has been misunderstood for a number of years now. It is important to note that I am in no way judging anyone who does eat meat because not everyone is knowledgeable about the effects. Eating meat is not only animal cruelty, but also extremely unhealthy. Studies have shown that consumption of meat can leads to cancer, heart disease and many other diseases. Consumption of meat can also lead to erectile disfunction in men. The link below further discusses these issues.


Question: What are some misconceptions you have heard regarding eating meat?

[Remember: this post is not to have an argument under, just to get different perspectives on what you have been taught]

Agricultural Biotechnology

I found a very interesting article on aboutMoney. The article basically give readers 10  examples of agricultural biotechnology. The one that I found mostly captivating is the nutrient supplementation. In fact, scientists are creating genetically altered foods that contain nutrients known to help fight disease or malnourishment.

You can read more about it here : http://biotech.about.com/od/whatisbiotechnology/tp/Agriculture.htm

Question : What are your opinions on nutrient supplementation ?


Diet of Excess Sugar and Starch Linked to Lung Cancer By Luke Gass

Since sugars and starches have been one of the primary nutrients we have been discussing in class (as well as present in all of the foods we have cooked in our lab) I thought this article would be an appropriate topic for discussion.  Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston discovered that individuals who consumed foods with high glycemic index were as much as 50 percent more likely to develop lung cancer, which is the number 1 cancer killer in the United States.  To avoid these risks, experts recommend merely sticking to a diet containing foods that help you maintain a healthy body weight, with more vegetables and plant-based foods and less sugary foods and red meat.


Discussion Question: Do you believe any parts of your diet put you at risk?  How so?

Can Going Gluten-Free Help with Other Diseases as Well? By Luke Gass

With our focus on gluten this past week, I figured this would be an appropriate article to share.  Apparently, claims the article, a gluten-free diet can also reduce inflammation in the body.  The author describes how going on this diet helped relieve symptoms of her fibromyalgia.


Discussion Question: Based on reading this article, what other diseases might respond well to a gluten-free diet and for what reason?