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Honey Is The Only Food That Doesn’t Go Bad

Honey is pretty much the only food that doesn’t spoil in the edible state. Honey is a sugar but differs from other sugars because the sugars are hygroscopic, meaning they don’t contain much water in the natural state. Honey’s low moisture content in affected by three factors: bees, and storage. Bees flap their wings in order to dry out the nectar, and get the honey into the combs by vomiting it in there. The chemical makeup of the bees’ stomachs, with the enzyme glucose oxidase, and when this mixes, hydrogen peroxide is created, which contributes to its long shelf life. The final step to keeping honey from spoiling is by storing it in a dry place. Combining the honey with water will result in spoiled honey.

Discussion question: in the home that you grew up in, do you recall how long a single jar of honey stayed in your kitchen?
Also, what is your most common use of honey?