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Researches have found a “striking” new side effect from eating fast food. – Manuela Mejia

Today I read an article from The Washington Post. It discusses how the rise of processed food that we put into our bodies has coincided with an alarming growth in the size of our collective gut. In addition, the George Washington University has done a research that links fast-food consumption to the presence of harmful chemicals. The research states that people who eat fast-food often have higher levels of phthalates. This would eventually lead to increased rates of infertility, especially among males.

You can find out more on this topic here:


Question: How many times a week do you typically eat fast food? Do you feel that it affects you in a certain way?


Rob Finley: TEDx talk


Rob Finley discusses how he plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA in unexpected places, such as in abandoned lots and along curbs. He promotes clean eating, in defiance of America’s ever-growing fast food culture. This video really goes with the presentation we had in-class on clean eating and different clean eating techniques.

Discussion question: Do you think Rob’s project of planting vegetables in these unexpected places does anything to help eliminate America’s fast-food culture?