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A new study suggest that eating high fiber during our teens years decreases the chances of getting breast cancer later in life.

In fact,  the study advance that fiber tends to lower the hormone estrogen, which drives many types of breast cancer.

According to Dr. Walter Willet, an expert on health and nutrition at Harvard’s school of public health, what we eat during our adolescence have a big impact on our health later in life. He stated, “From many other studies we know that breast tissue is particularly influenced by carcinogens and anticarcinogens during childhood and adolescence.”

Link to the article :http://www.today.com/health/eating-high-fiber-diet-teen-may-help-prevent-breast-cancer-t70526

Question: Do you think having a  low-fiber diet can have other consequences on your health ? and would you consider changing your diet to a high-fiber diet ?