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Ecuador Quake Survivors Becoming Desperate for Food and Water – Manuela Mejia

This article is from NBC News. It includes a short video which I believe causes the most impact on the viewer. As most of you may know, there was an earthquake on April 16 in Ecuador (7.8-magnitude), a small country in South America. Being half Ecuadorian, this has impacted me in several ways, mainly because of the love that I have towards my country.

The source discusses the shortage of food in the nation, and how the government is struggling to distribute it well. Even though the lack of nutrients may not necessarily have to do a lot with the chemistry of food, I believe it’s important to appreciate the things we have and not take for granted the food we are given.

You can learn more about Ecuador’s ongoing chaos here:


My question for the class is: What to do you guys think about wasting food? Should the United States (and the world in general) create a program in which food is distributed well? While some people have an abundance of food, others are left unfed.



Fermented Food Recipes

We all know that fermentation and lacto-fermentation are process done to preserve foods without the need for refrigeration while also bringing a generally more pleasant taste. Thankfully, fermenting can be an easy process that only requires some basic ingredients and instruments, as shown in the recipes given in the article. Check them out and see what you can experiment with.

Which recipes are you familiar with? Are you surprised that any of them were a product of fermentation?

Changing Dinners: Meal-Kits the New Microwave Dinner?

Photo from Blue Apron

A recent article in the Seattle Times investigated the rise in so called “meal-kit” companies such as Blue Apron, which deliver ingredients and instructions to your doorstep to make fancy dishes in your own home.

These meal-kit companies have gotten rave reviews from places such as the New York Times, and many millennials see this as an opportunity to hone their  cooking skills.

Do you appreciate this way of empowering people to cook their own food as a divergence from the rise of ready-made meals and frozen foods? Or do you think that these kits are made for suckers who aren’t willing to go to a grocery store themselves.

Source: http://www.seattletimes.com/life/food-drink/home-delivered-meal-kits-its-dinner-but-is-it-cooking/

Foods to Help Fight Allergies

I don’t know about you but this spring season is the worst, at least for me !

I can use all the medicine for allergies, but it just doesn’t go away. So, I thought what about food ? What kind of food will help my situation. I end up finding this article on Web md that provide readers with a list of food that may help curb allergies.

According to the article, some fruits that will help with your allergies are pineapple and kiwi. For more information, you can visit the website : Webmd

Ps: For the salmon lovers, well you will love reading this article !

Question: Do you believe that more people should use fruits as a way against allergies ?


“Eating is a necessity but cooking is art”

As kind of an ode to this semester, here is a video I found about the art of food. The shots they use in this video create a cool perspective on everyday foods!


In this video we can see tons of the chemical and physical changes that we have learned about, including oil mixtures, egg white foam, maillard reactions, gluten breaking etc.

It’s a short nice watch, let me know what you think!

Sona Creamery in Capitol Hill Closed Down For Good

Just in case someone hasn’t heard about this, a family-owned restaurant Sona Creamery Wine and Bar in Capitol Hill has closed for good. The cheese-maker’s Facebook page announced the closing and wrote “[the restaurant] was paying rent for space that wasn’t supporting itself.” This, of course, comes as a bad news for all DC cheese  lovers.

I was just planning to try their grilled cheese anytime soon but too bad they’re closed now. Anyone has recommendations for the best grilled cheese or mac-and-cheese in town?


Top 10 Jewish Delicatessen in the US

In light of our class topic regarding gastrodiplomacy, I attached below a link about top 10 Jewish delicatessen throughout the US, featuring places with pastrami sandwich and matzo ball soup. Hope you might want to check this out if you are (or will be) in any of these cities.

I’ve never tried any Jewish delicacy before, and would love to try one soon. But is it possible if we can make it at home?


Kitchen Experiments

Looking for some fun to have in the kitchen? Morgan Shanahan compiled 17 fun kitchen experiments using common household foods. Although it may be designed for kids, the science behind each experiment is really interesting and we have talked about some of these reactions and processes in class over the semester. Including everything from molecular gastronomy, to acids and bases, this list is a great way to try out some of the cools things we have learned. I’m really looking forward to making my own yogurt and trying out the lemon battery experiment. After all we discussed over the past few weeks, it is really great to see that other people are talking about the science of food and how fascinating it can be.

Question: What cool experiment would you add to the list?

One of the 17 cool experiments

Company recalls frozen broccoli cuts sold in 11 states – Manuela Mejia

I read an article in CNN that a company is voluntarily recalling frozen broccoli cuts sold in 11 states over fears of Listeria contamination.

Listeria is an infection that causes serious (and sometimes even fatal) infections in children, elderly people, and those with weakened immune systems.

You can find more about the conflict here:


Do you know anything else about Listeria? Have you heard of it before?