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Alternatives to Gluten

A few years back, I was basically diagnosed with, what we thought at the time was, celiac disease. Ultimately, it wasn’t what I actually had; however, I spent a year trying different diets, many of them being gluten free. One of the things that I actually most enjoyed from this diet was the desserts. When most people thing of gluten free or vegan desserts, they usually will immediately reject the idea. Although, I had no choice. So I found a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe I had made once that uses alternatives to gluten like rice flour. And even though I can now eat gluten, sometimes it’s still tasty to have a gluten free snack every now and then.
Would you ever try something that’s gluten free? If so which ingredients would you use?
Gluten free cookie recipe

Can Going Gluten-Free Help with Other Diseases as Well? By Luke Gass

With our focus on gluten this past week, I figured this would be an appropriate article to share.  Apparently, claims the article, a gluten-free diet can also reduce inflammation in the body.  The author describes how going on this diet helped relieve symptoms of her fibromyalgia.


Discussion Question: Based on reading this article, what other diseases might respond well to a gluten-free diet and for what reason?

Politics in the Kitchen

Since we have recently covered gluten in class, it was interesting to see it make headlines in the news, this time because presidential candidate Ted Cruz is vowing to get rid of gluten free meals in the military. He claims that gluten free meals are part of a “political correctness” campaign that the US is undergoing. Do you think that gluten free options should be available for people or that its a fad or something else entirely?


Vegan and Gluten Free? It CAN’T be Good…

Many people have this misconception that just because something is free of animal products that it just can’t be delicious. This is in fact completely false. Not only will your meal be healthy if it is gluten-free and vegan, but it will also be tasty. Not to mention, no animals will be harmed. Just watch the sugar! Many gluten free foods contain a large amount of sugar, which will spike your blood pressure. This recipe is not sugar filled though.

Here is a yummy recipe for Vegan, Gluten-free Chocolate chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes: http://minimalistbaker.com/chocolate-chip-oatmeal-cookie-pancakes-2-0/

Question: What do you think would happen if the recipe called for peanut butter instead of almond butter? Would the texture of the pancake change?

Photo from minimalistbaker.com
Photo from minimalistbaker.com