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Classic Cheese Soufflé


This is a recipe for a soufflé, but the recipe is a cheese soufflé instead of the chocolate one we made in class. It’s extremely similar to the recipe we had to follow in class, but it has some different ingredients and end instructions.

Discussion question: After completely the soufflé lab, what would you do differently when making the cheese soufflé, and would you ever think of making this cheese soufflé in the near future?

The Soufflé – A Culinary Challenge or Tonight’s Dinner?

It's Souffle-Making Time

The soufflé has a reputation of being devilishly difficult. But is that reputation well-earned? In reality, the basic recipe for a soufflé is very straight forward and can be modified to include whatever you want, sweet or savory.  Here‘s a recipe that lays out the basic steps and suggests modifications.  I made it last week, and it was super easy.

Why do you think soufflés have a reputation of such difficulty? Can you identify certain reactions or chemical processes that we’ve talked about in class in this recipe?