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What Is Starch Retrogradation? (by Manuela Mejia)

During baking, the starch in dough melts. The molecules become less organized and allow water molecules to move near them, some are partially dissolved. As the bread cools, the starch recrystallizes or retrogrades and goes back to a solid form, which causes a firm texture. Starch retrogradation is desirable for some starchy food products in terms of textural and nutritional properties.

Why has starch retrogradation been the subject of intensive research over the last 50 years?

You can learn more about starch retrogradation here.

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Fantastic French Fries

I’ve made these french fries – and they are delicious!  They’re a lot like Steak n’ Shake french fries, but better since they’re home made. They’re a bit of work, because you have to cut them so thinly and double fry them, but it’s really worth it.  They make a great side dish, but you probably won’t want to share.

Thin Fries


Question: This recipe calls for double frying the fries at different temperatures. Why might that produce a better fry (if you think that it would)?