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Sona Creamery in Capitol Hill Closed Down For Good

Just in case someone hasn’t heard about this, a family-owned restaurant Sona Creamery Wine and Bar in Capitol Hill has closed for good. The cheese-maker’s Facebook page announced the closing and wrote “[the restaurant] was paying rent for space that wasn’t supporting itself.” This, of course, comes as a bad news for all DC cheese  lovers.

I was just planning to try their grilled cheese anytime soon but too bad they’re closed now. Anyone has recommendations for the best grilled cheese or mac-and-cheese in town?


Top 10 Jewish Delicatessen in the US

In light of our class topic regarding gastrodiplomacy, I attached below a link about top 10 Jewish delicatessen throughout the US, featuring places with pastrami sandwich and matzo ball soup. Hope you might want to check this out if you are (or will be) in any of these cities.

I’ve never tried any Jewish delicacy before, and would love to try one soon. But is it possible if we can make it at home?