About Shyheim


Shyheim Snead is a freshman majoring in Political Science in the School of Public Affairs. Having been born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, he has been exposed to some of the pressing issues impacting marginalized communities, including poverty, inadequate sources of education, and misrepresentation of the disenfranchised. Having traveled to Malawi for service, and to Rome for study, Shyheim has taken an interest in international issues and comparing communities to bring about solutions for the greater good. Shyheim has developed a strong interest in the education system and doing research to ensure that it is efficient and accessible for all. Shyheim is ready to embrace his experience at American University, and work towards a law degree and a career dedicated to public service and bridging the inequality gaps that exist domestically and internationally.

Long-Term Goals


  • Graduate with at least a 3.8 cumulative GPA
  • Study abroad in London or study in Brussels as a part of the EU in Action Program
  • Satisfy and exceed the expectations of both FDDS and the AU Honors program


  • Win a scholarship/ fellowship to support the funding of my graduate/ law school education
  • Attend more conferences and networking events to build confidence and professional network
  • Intern every semester that I am enrolled at AU


  • Continue to grow in my strengths and build upon my weaknesses