The Advent of Hoskins Papers

David Fleming: Analyzing The Possibilities of Using Resident Management Corporation for Public Housing

David Fleming, in his chapter “Homes” inside his book City of Rhetoric, weighs the pros and cons of using a Resident Management Corporation (RMC) as a structure for public housing, arguing it will help disadvantaged minorities develop skills for themselves… Continue Reading →

Commonplace book 8, 9 and 10

Armstrong, Jenice. “Dupont Circle Wants Relief from Beggars.” The Washington Post. Jun 14 1990. ProQuest.Web. 5 Dec. 2016. “He said the number of people at local shelters and soup kitchens has risen since the program was adopted”   Ever since… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography 8-10

Admin. “NEWS: August “Votes of the ANC” Posted.” Dupont Circle ANC 2B. Dupont Circle ANC 2B, 14 Aug. 2014. Web. 05 Dec. 2016. This source is about a march of the homeless that the ANC announced. It shows that the… Continue Reading →

Mapping Commonplaces in Dupont Circle: The LGBTQ Community and The Homeless Prezi and Analysis

Prezi In-depth Analysis: Dupont Circle is certainly at the forefront of pushing LGBTQ rights as the many streets in Dupont are lined with Pride flags and LGBTQ paraphernalia, but, despite its focus to help the LGBTQ who feel persecuted, Dupont… Continue Reading →

Annotating “Why Would I Leave? It’s My Home.” “Why Would I Leave? It’s My Home” by Paul Duggan is an article that showcases some of what David Fleming in City of Rhetoric explains is occurring in regards to public housing. A lot of gentrification, and the demolition of public… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book 7: Fleming’s Quote on Opinion Formation

“[A]n education [. . .] that was designed to support a truly direct, deliberative democracy [. . .] would be an education oriented to the ‘strong publics’ of decision-making rather than the ‘weak publics’ of opinion formation. (205)” In this… Continue Reading →

Israel and the Jewish People in a Trump Presidency Talk

Last night, I hosted a talk in the Israeli-American group, Mischelanu, on American University’s campus about what a Trump presidency means for the Jewish people and for Israel. Understanding what exactly this presidency means for my people and for Israel is… Continue Reading →

Dupont Circle’s Commitment to the Gay Community, but Lack of Commitment to the Homeless

The gay pride flag is an important circulating document in Dupont Circle as Dupont has been at the forefront of pushing for gay rights, representing Dupont Circle’s commitment to helping and pushing for LGBTQ rights while also representing its overall… Continue Reading →

Paramedic Method: Common Place Book 6

The Point I am trying to make is that the people who eat broccoli are the ones who are the fittest in our town of Challulah, the greatest town in existence. They like to run around the town despite the… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography 3-7

Loose, Cindy. “Ringing Up Sales for Gay Rights March: 1st of 3 Shops Opens in DuPont Circle.” The Washington Post 11 Apr. 1993: B3. Print.   DuPont circle is shown in this article as being extremely progressive, opening shops for a Gay… Continue Reading →

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