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Research Reflection By Elysia Martin When it comes to how many millennial Christians feel about the modern state of Israel, theology is arguably just as important as politics. Some Christians may suddenly find themselves in college wondering if their faith alone is enough to justify supporting Israel. For those who […]

Theology is the New Politics: What Christian Theology Has to ...

CIS Event Reflection by Jessica Horst   Last semester, on Monday, November 6, 2017, the Center for Israel Studies hosted Haim Watzman,  a Jerusalem-based writer, journalist and translator, to discuss his latest work, Necessary Stories. After his presentation, Watzman engaged in literary conversation with American University’s Jewish Literature Professor Lauren […]

“Israeli Soldiers, Sudanese Refugees, and a Talmudic Debate”

 Experience Reflection and Op-Ed by Max Lanosga   Arguably the biggest divide in the Middle East, the conflict between Israel and the rest of the Arab World, has manifested itself in threats, economic sanctions and armed conflict. These aspects of the Israeli-Arab divide are the ones that the rest of […]

Flags and Rumors: Public Discourse of Israel in Jordan