Knoema is a search engine for data. It integrates both public and private sources in order to make data more easily discoverable and accessible to information workers, and gives you the tools you need to tell a story out of that data.

From the Knoema website: “In the process of implementing solutions for its customers, Knoema created the largest collection of public data and statistics on the Internet featuring about 2.5 billion time series (as of February 2017) from thousands of sources. This collection of data is growing every day and maintained by our highly experienced data team with unique expertise in dealing with the data from the diverse set of sources all around the world.”



1 user


  • Basic membership
  • Unlimited access to data + stats on site
  • Includes infographics + animations
  • Easily integrate into Excel

Campus Data Library

Unlimited campus-wide access

Price upon request

  • Basic data visualization
  • Access for all teachers + students
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Easily integrate into Excel

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