Timothy Gear

About Me



Hello, My name is Timothy Gear and I am a freshman at American University. I am a justice and law major with a political science minor and plan on concentrating in anti-terrorism studies. I am also involved in student government and D.C Reads. Along with this I am a member of the SPA leadership program where I will work to learn the theories and skills of leadership while putting them into practice through a social action project revolving around juvenile detention center education. I will also draw on the compassion and dedication to service I learned through my volunteer work and plan on incorporating this spirit of community service into my workplace. I am a driven student who succeeds based on a passion and live-long insatiable appetite for learning and growing as a person. I hope to work in federal law enforcement or criminal justice reform then later in life work in education. I believe these skills and experiences make me an asset to n organization I hope to join and I look forward for new opportunities to learn and grow.