Timothy Gear

About Me


Hello, My name is Timothy Gear and I am a second-year student at American University majoring in Justice and Law with a concentration in Terrorism and Security Studies. I also plan on graduating with a minor in Psychology and a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. Outside the classroom, for the past 2 years, I have tutored underprivileged students in the Columbia Heights area of D.C in reading 8 hours a week through the D.C Reads and Reading Partners program. I have also held two positions in student government during my first year on campus. Through the SPA leadership program, I have learned leadership theory and learned to put this information into practice. During my first year, my group of 6 conducted a research project and social action project centering on incarcerated youth and the juvenile detention center education. My second-year project is focusing on school wealth and the achievement gap. I also hold a position on SPA leadership’s Steering Committee as the Networking and Alumni Outreach Coordinator. 

I am a driven student and reliable worker, friend, and student who succeeds based on a passion and life-long insatiable appetite for learning and growth as a person. I look forward to employing these skills and experiences in a fast-paced and challenging job in law enforcement or the government.