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About Me

school idMy name is Taylor Heywood and I am from a small town outside of Buffalo, New York. I grew up with a fascination for law and the legal system and plan to pursue law school once I graduate from American University. At American University I hope to complete a double major in accounting and computer science in hopes that such degrees will enable me to work in the legal field that intersects corporate and technological law.

Outside of academics, I place a large focus on music. I have played the alto saxophone for almost ten years now, and am already involved in several different ensembles here at American University. Additionally, literacy is very important to me, and during my time at American University I hope to become involved with programs to help facilitate the gift of reading and education; eventually I hope to work with DC reads.

In general, I am an enthusiastic person, and I hope to make the most out of the college experience.


1.  Long-Term Goals


  • Study abroad somewhere so I can become more open minded and increase my understanding of the world
  • Learn  several programing languages and become proficient in as many as possible


  • Secure funding for graduate school in law
  • Gain skills necessary to enter the professional field of law
  • Get an internship at a place where I can learn to work in the field of technology and/or corporate law


  • Develop my skills in social behavior and business oriented small talk

2.  Semester Goals


  • Talk to the Office of Merit Awards about scholarships for studying aboard
  • Take a course in computer science to ensure my interest in pursing it as a second major


  • Schedule a meeting to discuss and plan for the viability of completing a double major in four years
  • Apply for internship in the field of law


  • Sign up for workshops that help me develop my skills in excel

Mentor Network

Nadeen Makhlouf – Honors Counselor

Current Position

  • Competitive member of the American University Mock Trial Team
  • First Chair in the American University Symphonic Band
  • Member of the American University Saxophone Quartet
  • Member of the American University Pep Band

Major/Minor/Certificate Program

  • B.S. in Accounting and Computer Science