Hi Grandma & Timbo

Thanksgiving 2017

Saturday: Last Day :(

Ryan rented a boat and took the boys out.  Everyone drove and they played football on the sandbar.  

Friday: Festival Field Hockey

Thanks to Connie for hosting us in West Palm Beach for two days for Soph’s field hockey tournament! The boy cousins had a day of fun too. Ben even showed up for ice cream at Big Olaf’s!  

Thursday: Happy (rainy) Thanksgiving! We miss you!

Getting ready. Lots of people need to shower in this house. The next generation taking over the gravy. Happy Thanksgiving! It rained for the first time ever but we played cards and still had lots of fun.      

Wednesday: Cousins!

Today was donuts, big Olafs, football on the beach, pedicures for girls, spades (Quinn, Boo and Nicky are all card sharks now) and movies (cried through Wonder and laughed through Thor)   Cousins pool Siesta

Tuesday: Hello Siesta!

The yellow house we used to rent is GONE! But, the donuts are here and still soooooo good. Puppies @ the beach. Q and B slow mo flip siesta Q and B slo mo jump siesta Cousin time! They are… Continue Reading →

Monday: We’re ready for Florida!

We will miss you Grandma & Timbo! Love you!

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