Letters from our Editors


Here at the Center for Teaching Research & Learning, we are always trying to improve our efforts to foster an inclusive and collaborative community of faculty, committed to impactful scholarship and teaching. We especially recognize the importance of our work during this time of mass upheaval and uncertainty. As we continue to fulfill our mission of promoting excellence in scholarship and teaching, one of the initiatives we are focusing on is the CTRL Beat, an online platform dedicated to sharing scholarship on teaching and learning from the perspective from both CTRL staff and AU faculty. 

Some of you may remember the CTRL blog from years’ past and our other resources sharing scholarship. We would like to start fresh with this new platform because we see this as an opportunity for us to bring you timely and relevant information on a variety of topics from our own community of scholars on teaching and learning. Some will likely be things you have encountered before, but others might be new.   

I hope you enjoy the content we provide.  


Kiho Kim 
Executive Director 
Center for Teaching, Research & Learning 

Dear Reader:

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the CTRL Beat! We are so excited to have you here.

First, I would like to mention and give gratitude to our editorial team: Dr. Hannah Jardine, Dr. Erin Horan, Lindsay Studer, Gaspard Delaoustre & Sara Baba. Thank you for believing in the vision for the Beat! Without you all, The Beat would not have come to fruition as beautifully as it has.

As Kiho mentioned in his letter, we’re introducing the CTRL Beat for a number of reasons, our first priority being the community we foster here. We are recognizing the value of our digital footprint, especially during this mass shift to online and hybrid spaces, and we want to ensure that our community walks with us along this journey into the digital age. With so many opportunities of growth ahead of us, it is vital that we lean on each other. To do this, we are including contributions from faculty along with CTRL staff because the Beat is not just for you, it will be by you. Whether you need the newest updates and reflections on teaching, research and learning or want to contribute to the conversation, the Beat will be your go-to space!

We will examine older theories and ideas, present new and emerging ones, and discuss the implications for your scholarship and/or teaching. Together, I know we will continue to build a strong community of practice grounded in evidence-based research that can empower you and enhance your practice.


Iana Amiscaray 
Managing Editor
Graduate Assistant to Teaching Support
Center for Teaching, Research & Learning