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The CTRL Beat is an online publication that supports CTRL’s mission as AU’s catalyst for inspiring, mentoring, and celebrating faculty in their roles as teachers and researchers. The Beat provides all AU faculty the opportunity to share and explore new pedagogical insights, reflect on best practices and professional development experiences, and to learn about up-and-coming scholarship on teaching and learning from the CTRL team and Faculty Fellows. To support AU’s scholar-teachers, the CTRL Beat is committed to producing works grounded in evidence-based practices and storytelling. We are also guided by the Inclusive Excellence Framework to ensure CTRL’s vision for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of practice.

The CTRL Beat releases spring and fall issues each academic year and welcomes contributions dedicated to teaching, research and learning. Stay on beat with us and start each semester strong!

Letters from Leadership

Spring 2024

Dear Reader,

This issue of The CTRL Beat focuses on topics that can provoke great anxiety in higher education—climate change, artificial intelligence–as well as student-centered feedback from CTRL Student Partners on current teaching and learning practices at American University. Each piece offers insights and strategies to address these difficult issues in the classroom, providing productive pathways forward with our students.

As you review these new articles and check out past issues in our archive, we know you will gain insights that will inspire you as you begin this new semester.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Grossman, Managing Editor

Hannah Jardine, Executive Editor

Inaugural issue, Spring 2022


Here at the Center for Teaching Research & Learning, we are always trying to improve our efforts to foster an inclusive and collaborative community of faculty, committed to impactful scholarship and teaching. We especially recognize the importance of our work during this time of mass upheaval and uncertainty. As we continue to fulfill our mission of promoting excellence in scholarship and teaching, one of the initiatives we are focusing on is the CTRL Beat, an online platform dedicated to sharing scholarship on teaching and learning from the perspective from both CTRL staff and AU faculty. 

Some of you may remember the CTRL blog from years’ past and our other resources sharing scholarship. We would like to start fresh with this new platform because we see this as an opportunity for us to bring you timely and relevant information on a variety of topics from our own community of scholars on teaching and learning. Some will likely be things you have encountered before, but others might be new.   

I hope you enjoy the content we provide.  


Kiho Kim
Former Executive Director 
Center for Teaching, Research & Learning